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So much resonates with me here...!

Colorado, your story is uncannily similar to mine. None of us has a perfectly clear picture of what comes after our consciousness is free of the ego. Talking about what we think might happen is fine, but it's far more important to talk about what we've learned from what we've experienced.

OEN34, you said we're living a movie in these bodies. Yep, similar to my opinion. I liken it to being in an ongoing play. When our part is done, off come the costumes and we go home until it's time to play another character.

Deb, you said we're here for each other. This is the most important thought that needs to be practiced.

My own "skeptic" self post NDE shows me that this dimension/existence isn't the reality of existence. It sure seems like it, science studies it, but those of us who've had a NDE (or something similar such as OBEs, etc.) know that it isn't, based on the vast majority of the many NDE and OBE stories I've read. And heck, even some quantum physicists seem to be finding that.

Peace and love to all.
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