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Here is my list of books that changed my life. I have many more that I haven't even cracked open but these got the red dot (a small red nail polish dot on the spine) as my favorites.

The Self-Full Life, Peg Abernathy
Walking in the Garden of Souls, George Anderson & Andrew Barone
The Last Frontier Julia Assante, PhD
The Afterlife Unveiled, Stafford Betty
Life in the World Unseen, Anthony Borgia
More About Life in the World Unseen, Anthony Borgia
Life on the Casual Planet, Marian Eileen Carlton
Across Time & Death,Jenny Cockell
Afterlife, Barry Eaton
Testimony of Light, Helen Greaves
Afterlife Interviews, Volumes I & II, Jeffrey Marks (one interviewee cusses a lot)
Mutant Message Down Under, Marlo Morgan (just for fun)
Journey of Souls Michael Newton (most everyone has heard of his books)
Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
Queen of the Sun, E.J. Michael (just for fun)
Mass Dreams of the Future, Chet Snow (a protegee of Helen Wambach, listed below)
Exploring the Eternal Soul, Andy Tomlinson
Choices in the Afterlife, Gretchen Vogel
Life Before Life, Helen Wambach (highly, highly recommend, I'll never see a pregnant woman or baby the same)
Many Lives, Many Masters, Brian Weiss
Life Between Life, Joel Whitton & Joel Fisher
The Instruction, by Ainslie MacLeod (highly, highly recommend, I see humanity so much differently now)

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