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Deb, your story sounds similar to mine. I have read your posts on other threads and thought the same thing before. I also was having spiritual experiences as a child, but did not know what it was.

I admire your strength, and faith in yourself and your spirituality. After I wrote the last post today, I felt as if God let me have the experience of a NDE. It was my undoing, but it was Gods will, too. I knew that high wouldn't last, but it was such a relief from the pain and turmoil I had lived in at that time for so long. It's one of those things, that if everyone experienced it...nobody would want to be here.

I love to read, so of course I would like to know of any you recommend. I will read the website you posted before bed tonight. It's always the last thing I do, it helps me sleep.

Thank you for your post, Deb. Its always uplifting to get others experiences, point of view, and their own beliefs. When I read people like you, and me, and helps me to see where, or why I need to be stronger...some days are easier than others. I often come here when I need to be uplifted, and even thou I don't feel that "high" I talked about earlier, anymore....the closest thing I have on the daily, is these spiritual websites and reading others posts here, certainly does help me to feel closer to God when I am lonely....through all of you guys sharing your journey, too.

Thank you
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