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I was raised Christian and abandoned that in my early 30's and started reading books not approved by the Christian community.

From that time of abandoning my Christianity to about the next 10 years, I wasn't an atheist, (I had to many supernatural experiences as a child) but I sat on the fence with no beliefs either way. And I continued reading. As the years passed and I had time to read (I was a single parent at that time) I began picking this and that that sounded right to me in my heart or inner eye.

There are just to many books and information out there from those with NDE's and communication from Beyond for me not to believe.

I don't think I am kooky, I think the world is! I don't live my life blindly going about my routines questioning nothing!

It was once put to me this way: If you were going to visit a foreign country wouldn't you read up on it first? But when it comes to where we will go after death, people won't attempt to understand. They consider it to gruesome. Seriously?

As far as cussing on the Other Side. I've read yes there is in certain places, and not all of them are dark!

Your statement : truth can not be touched, but only felt, is so profound. I've never heard it worded like that but it is exactly true!

The spiritual high isn't supposed to last a lifetime. You have to come down and do more work, learn more things. We only get a glimpse of those highs to recharge our belief system then it's back to the grindstone.

If you want a list of books I've read and recommend, let me know.

Here is a website that has a lot of recommended books. I haven't read any of them (I have thousands of books on my "to read" list already).

What attracted me to your thread was your title. It's very intriguing.

Lastly, what really clenched my belief in an afterlife was having a "dream" of my life before this one where I commit suicide and my life between that one and this where I went to a barren planet to live in a giant bubble with a cottage, a horse a paradise and time to think through to a solution to my dilemma. It was exactly like Star Trek's hologram except instead of a room, mine was in a giant transparent bubble.

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