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Originally Posted by OEN34
We have no idea what's actually happening, do we - not a clue. Well, some of us claim to have the faintest idea, but even then I'd hedge a bet it's actually nothing like what they imagine it to be. We're living a movie in these body's, IMO. It's almost make-believe, yet also comes with a great desire to learn.

It's like playing a video game. Except in a game you remember the real world so you don't take the game seriously as you know it's "just a game".

Now imagine if prior to playing the game your memory was temporarily wiped (before each new life - as games often have multiple 'lives'), and also that you could not see outside the game. Now you would take the game very seriously because it would be your whole reality. Lessons learned would have greater impact as the experiences happened to you - to the core of your being.

Some of us can see some of the inner workings of the game and get a sense of what is really going on; perhaps we can communicate with other users outside our direct space, but like on the internet, anonymity gives these other beings free reign to say whatever they want with no repercussions to themselves, and so we may not always get the truth and we may be easily ridiculed or threatened by those with no means to back up those threats.

Some play the game to see how it works, some to have fun, some to be challenged or to overcome the hardest difficulty settings, some to learn a particular lesson or to have a particular experience. But of course once we enter we have no recollection of our choices made beforehand. When we are in the game we think "Why would I choose such a terrible life with bad things happening to me??" but once we leave the game and our memories come back the answers will be clear.

At least that's my belief. One day I'll know for sure but until then there's not much point wasting all of my time within the game, trying to look outside it - though the temptation to learn is very strong! At this point I can't see myself taking my own advice and I will probably keep trying to learn about the inner workings until the day I die. Or perhaps, like you, I'll learn this lesson sooner rather than later, and then I can focus on learning other lessons instead of getting distracted.

So many of the questions I asked earlier in life have been answered by my experiences up to 10/20 years later (they were also answered in person when I asked but of course I didn't really learn until I experienced it myself); I have to start being careful about which questions I'm asking as I'm slowly running out of time.. Perhaps these boards are the beginning of getting those answers I seek about the game we play and then I can go back to my main lesson of not being selfish (which I've always known from a young age); or perhaps I can multitask..
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