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I had one with my grandmother, a number of months after she passed away. She was stood with her back to me initially, in a house I recognised as her sister's house, She was holding something in her arms. When she turned around to face me, I saw that it was a baby boy in a light blue fluffy blanket with darker blue stars on it.

I asked her who's baby she was holding and she was responded, in a fashion very typical to her, "Don't be silly, You know who's baby he is!" I was absolutely adamant that I had no idea who this baby belonged to.

About a week later, We got the news that one of my cousins (the eldest granddaughter of my grandmother's sister) was expecting a little boy. I never told anyone in the family about the dream but when the baby was born, He was the double of the baby my grandmother held. He even had the same blanket.
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