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Originally Posted by Ghost_Rider_1970
Death is the undulation of Universal Consciousness to Concentrated Consciousness (our birth) then back to Universal Consciousness (our death).

We experience this every night when we go to sleep, where we are completely unaware of our Concentrated Conscious state (except for dreaming in REM sleep).

So when we die, we simply go back to the Universe from where we originated. As though we had never been born. Where we as the Universe then incarnates though everyone and everything in existence.

So as all life comes into being, the Universe is in effect their senses re-experiencing itself anew from a completely different viewpoint. Without any preconceptions or prejudices. It therefore experiences the pure beauty in all of creation every time as though it is the first time.

I find that so magical and so breathtakingly beautiful :)

My intention here was simply to get people to watch the Utube, not to discuss death. Sorry.
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