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Originally Posted by inavalan
So, if we don't like it here now, it means we aren't doing what we incarnated to be doing here.

I really don't believe that struggles and suffering help us grow. They're an indication that our thoughts are not in harmony with our life purpose.

It is not as strait forward as it seams. If someone, as most, is here in lesson, then yes, follow your heart practice dispassion, compassion, hold the energy of love in your heart, and your incarnation cycle is guarantied over.
On the other hand, if someone is here in service and at some point waking up, and remembers who and what s/he is, one can not help but dismayed by what one sees after looking around. People still kill each other, for what? Greed, control of others, groups or nations. Kill animals for sport or food.
For many it is difficult to stay on target.
But there is light on the end of the tunnel and the tunnel gets shorter and shorter. Just a few steps more.
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