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I answered this question in the topic about sports after death .. The choice of the next rebirth is determined by your accumulated experience in this and past lives. But in order to change this it is necessary in life to erase data about worldly experience leading and sucking the soul into hell .. with the help of a thorough spiritual practice .. and introduce a significant fixation on the high world of his holy master who can bring you to a high world .. Or, in life, cultivate devotion to a great saint who will help your soul after death to go to a good world. Only if you think that e If you go sometimes to the temple sometimes on Sundays and pray for your sins, and all the remaining time to live a worldly life, accumulate money to break the commandments. And amuse yourself, then I assure you that no saint will save you from falling to the lower worlds ..

Because according to experience after the death of the great saints, the founders of all world religions, worldly experience leads eventually to Hell. We very rarely regenerate after death again in the world of people. It would be good and fun every time to come back again into the world of people .. that God again gave us a chance to correct our oshchibki.No reality is not like that. All we have to first pay the bills .. And then they will give us to start life already in the new body again. And in our real life and good it is impossible to escape from debts .. It is impossible to do this after death. The only thing that remains for us during life is seriously engaged in spiritual practice .. In order that we could freely drop our body at the time of death .. as an unnecessary our shell and will go to the worlds of happiness in the next life. However, this Pts is not easy .
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