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I'm afraid to disturb you .. But you will not have any fun after death.
According to the Buddhist tradition and yoga tradition, the soul reincarnates within 49 days after death in the six worlds of the world of passions. The world of Hell, animals, lower spirits, the world of people, the world of the asuras of the demigods, the world of heaven.
According to this theory, if you are after the death of the Bardo in the world of the Intermediate state after death ..) you will pursue the pleasures (wish again to have fun with meaningless pleasures, which are often practiced by people ..) Then you will reincarnate in the animal world. wishing to kill and chasing after this vision .. then you will go to hell .. If you want a sex partner .. then fly into the genital organs .. and maybe reborn as animals. If you are attached to the material .. to have your money at home and machines .. you are stuck in the world of spirits.
So it's so difficult ... Therefore, the practice of monks with strict observance of the commandments .. and is aimed at interrupting all these senseless entertainment, all that pulls the soul down .. There is a fixation and devotion to his holy Guru (who can bring to the high world Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed ... and God) All worldly things will eventually drag into Hell.
So that everything is not so sad for you .. in Tibetan Buddhism, for example, during life, the practice of Poa is carried out. (Moving consciousness to the high world) A certain meditation and visualization is performed, which after death leads to reincarnation in the high world. This is a meditation such as Guru Yoga, Guyasamaji Tantra and, Kalachakra and others .. Only they need to fix the memory of a significant time of their lives. To make the data of your meditation become as strong as fixing on one level with data about your worldly experience, entertainment. Otherwise, you suffer great shock of his rebirth after death.
The very panic fear of the soul before death is caused by the repeated fall of the soul into the worlds of suffering in past lives. This all and obyasnyaetsya.Esli we would constantly be reborn in heaven. We would be happy death .. and maybe end all life with suicide .. But we are all afraid her
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