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Originally Posted by AnneC2013
I think anyone who wakes up from an unwanted dream saids I donít want that dream again or try to find the significance of the dream to their current life. But even though everyone has difference in opinion and I respect everyone opinion. My thoughts are if the consciousness continues beyond death than really what is the difference between consciousness living on and reincarnation? Anyways going back to the original question do you believe we have the choice not to come back I rather stay in spirit or the other side or whatever anyone believes itís called.
The human mind bases it's value system on human experience. It is wired to want to avoid pain and suffering as a means of survival. Our soul sees from a whole other perspective. It knows what the game is all about. Our human mind is blind and confused while our soul can see the bigger picture. So our soul sometimes takes on more that it's human self can comfortably handle. This creates intense conflict about being human and often there is a strong desire to be done with life in response to the pain. Mainly because there may be no other solution the human mind can see as solving the problem. But I think it is like how we as humans get when we are hungry. We tend to put way too much food on our plate finding out we are unable to eat all of it. We say we will never do it again only to find ourselves doing it again when we are super hungry the next time. In the end, human life is finite. It feels long but it really goes by pretty fast. Your perspective about it from the soul level very well may see great benefit and chose to come back despite your human mind being thoroughly frustrated. I don't think we are forced ever. So to answer your question I don't believe you have to come back but suspect all of us do despite having lives we wish we could get out of. There is value we just can't see as a human. But I don't at all think you have to and maybe you won't.
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