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Choice or no choice?

I am, what is sometimes called a wanderer, and I can detect one or two others in this threat, so I will try to view it from the perspective of a wanderer.
First, unless a spirit is trapped in the non-physical earth realm, from where spirits are pulled into the next incarnation, we have always a choice.
We wanderers follow the call of sorrow, and the call from earth was especially strong. It just draws you in. And the wanderers came in droves, millions and millions.
The choice to be a wanderer, to stay with this term, is made as soon we enter 5th density, the density of wisdom, where unconditional love is fully implemented.
We need to understand, if one wanderer incarnates, there are many more around him or her in the non physical. Sometimes I feel, I simply had the short straw. On the other hand, Rah nam (me) is someone who can incarnate into a difficult 3D reality and leave after one incarnation without a scratch. (through, after waking up, letting go of any attachments )
Yes we have choices, only the choices are made a very long time ago. sometimes eons ago. And in that context, the stay here is only a minute fraction of our existence on our path to the density of unity.
Rah nam
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