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Originally Posted by ValVan
What are the differences between soul and consciousness? Am I my soul?
When people say, when you die your soul will go where it belongs. Why use "my"? Does it mean, when your body dies, you <your soul> go where you belong?

There is no difference between soul and consciousness. Soul is consciousness, yet consciousness is not always soul. I see the soul as a unit of consciousness. As an example, a planet, solar system, galaxy have consciousness, yet no soul, at lest I would not call it that, it is much larger than a soul ever would be.
The soul doesn't go anywhere, and is not within this physical verse. In order to incarnate, the soul creates an energy structure we call spirit, and through this energy structure the soul connects to the physical realms.
Belong, where do we belong? This depends on our vibration. As our vibration goes up we as spirit move up. And the tendency is, yes, to return "home". A very long journey. Can not be measured in time.
Our first intent must be to expand consciousness, everything else will fall into place.
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