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Although I will always accept others views and opinions, I don't believe anything is hidden from any of us as we explore who we are on our incredible journey of self-discovery.

Mine has lead me to appreciate that while we as our individual consciousness doesn't reincarnate, we as the Universe does so through everyone and everything that comes into 'Being'. So as our consciousness goes back to the beautiful state of 'nothingness' when we die, another is formed from it. So the Universe can experience itself afresh. I truly find this so breath-taking.

When it comes to past life regression I have explored this on my own life path where I don't believe we have past lives. This is so the Universe through the senses of those who are born can experience things as though they've never experienced them before.

It's a bit like watching a fantastic film or reading an amazing book and then wishing you could erase it from your mind so you can re-experience it again. The Universe does this through each of us in the most beneficent way

I am not an individual having a universal experience, but the universe having an individual experience. Where consciousness is the universe experiencing itself through each of us.

Destiny is not the path given to us - but the path we choose for ourselves.

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