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It could be that he is a part of a stronger connection to you being that it is said we travel in a Soul Family Group in that we incarnate with the same Souls. Your energy could closely match so there is a connection there on a deeper level.

When we open up (as most of us have to open to what we are ) it is a time of adjustments that is made. For me from birth I knew when people were going to pass before they passed, the phone would ring and I would say so and so died and sure enough I was right. Man I got in trouble for saying things like that. Yet the temptation to say it was so strong to be right.

I have to wonder if we are there to help with the pain or the crossing or maybe both or to be there to help family with the loss. I know that at times when I meet someone for the first time I know that is the last time we will meet. Its not a nice thing but it is how it is, one can not change death as we all have our time to go.

Not all open to talk about death for some its that taboo topic that just is not discussed like making a Will its not always done openly or in many cases at all. Just how we are at times.

Others fear death as they have been conditioned to Sin being out there or to having to wait for their partner to pass on too, so they never find a new life path with another person.

It is not uncommon to know the time of passing as often we are in the room but not psychically in the room we see the time on the clock or we hear it spoken. I have at times asked a Dr for the "real time of death" as that at times is when I feel the Soul leave the body and they keep working in the person longer. Dr's do not like this at times I might well scare them. With my Dad's passing I asked the Dr and he goes "oh your one of 'those' and I knew he meant psychic, and he told me when death did come. I told him it was 2 hours later the phone call came.....he said yes, seems Dad told them not to call and wake us.

Its not an easy thing we have with us but its something sadly trust me we have a hard time sweeping under the rug. I know man I tried.

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