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Originally Posted by Colorado
I haven't personally...but I do find it kind of humorous to think about. I can just imagine the deceased having their own website or

Can you!

I'd rather they keep contacting through dreams, visions or feelings. Once they start using the Internet, I'm out!!!

The other ‘celebrity’ I met and knew, didn’t come to visit me when he passed, but came to spend a few days with me – just before he went to the Causal Realm (?) to get ready for being reincarnated - so about 4-5 years after his passing. (I assume these timelines can vary a lot though).

Because (whilst he was 'alive') we both shifted into Nondual “Oneness” upon our meeting, the whole ‘Celebrity Status’ thing (for him) and the ‘Celebrity Idolizing’ (for me) shattered into meaningless nonsense – so neither of us was the same afterwards.
This was our meeting:

I suppose his concern from then on was about fans kind of losing themselves, losing the focus of their own soul journeys wanting to go “on a ride” with celebrities.

A friend of mine, who is naturally quite psychic, but hasn’t invested any time/energy into self-inquiry about her interpretations of the phenomena (which is very important), has told me how she has met Elvis numerous times and how he even took her to a Graceland tour.

I leave that as an open question, but what if this ‘Elvis’ is some Astral World impersonator just feeding off attention energies? If that is possible?

And what about reincarnation – would this 'Celebrity Worship' impede souls from moving on and reincarnating?

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