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I think a lot of people, whether they have talked about it or not...have made some kind, if not ongoing, divine communion.

I'm not religious, but what I perceive to be a last life here....would be much like what Jesus's last life was like.

Abuse, hatred, poverty, abandonment, ect....all these life experiences wrapped up in one life, I especially see that in murdered children and innocent people as a way to leave a mark on the world, and to learn and teach love.

There are more miracles, prophets, and people on their last life here, than we will ever know. A lot of them are quietly going about working lives, not speaking of things to the wider world, and are not celebrities. Thy are normal people, from normal poor, middle, or upper class families. Much of what is known, is between them and God, and maybe some family and friends. You will know when you are close to God and on your last life, the world will hate you for no reason...other than feeling your divine spirit, and slandering it with their own lies, deceit, death and sabotage...and you may be gifted with healing and/or divine abilities, even those as such to directly have direct communication with God through energy and other pathways. There's a lot more, but that is a small glimpse into what I see.
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