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Originally Posted by YNNIE
I strongly feel this is my last "human" life here. I am so on track that i am learning my lessons and growing. I am not saying that i am done here, i do have more learning to go, but i am confident that this will be my last life here and i am gonna go join another world to go to school. I believe my goal is to become a really high level angel, archangel, not sure. but i know i will be getting closer to "the all" by staying balanced, keeping love with me always, surrendering, observing, accepting and releasing. Being in the present, focusing on my destiny, goals, hard work, organization skills, basically applying all principles of the universe to my life , goals dreams and life purpose.

who knows more about schools on other worlds after death????

So you are growing backwards??? Angels , even Archangels are lesser than a "CHRIST/BUUDHA" ....... Angelic Beings are here to SUPPORT you like servants to a King/Queen !

after death schools?? yes ..... they exist ...... but why NOT enter The Secret Mystery Schools NOW while you have the chance and CHOICE to do so. Those are the HIGHEST SCHOOLS and CANNOT be entered except while in the body on Earth.

It IS NOT your Last Life here on this Earth! If it were you would already KNOW this ....... you would have already made DIRECT DIVINE COMMUNION.
You may be able to make this your second last life on this Earth ...... but ONLY if you are able to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY and SHIFT from THINKING to AWARENESS.
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