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Originally Posted by Colorado
Yes, I have posted it here before...not too long ago. Here is my favorite one.

I kept having dreams, where a man would show up in the left side of my dream. He was a shadowy figure, mute, and never did anything, but stand there. My dreams could be random and jumbled nonsense....and I could still feel or sense his presence there. I didn't who he was, or pay any attention to him for the longest time....and I really don't know how long this went on....seems like he'd been around since my childhood, on and off...but in my 30s he came around a lot.

Some other stuff would happen...all of it I can't remember, but I do know that I felt a strong young male presence, 20s, and would often find pennies or other objects with the year 1968, which meant nothing to me...because it was 10 years before I was born.

One night, he was there again...and this time I paid attention to him...his presence growing stronger around me. I asked him who he was...and he stepped out in front of my dream, still somewhat shadowy...and held up a flashing yellow neon sign that read "1968"

Now this got my attention, and I knew it meant something...the sign was very flashy, blinking and lit up brightly! But I didn't know who this guy was and had never heard of him...nor did I know what 1968 meant.

I asked my family, nobody knew. Now my mom and dad are divorced, and we don't have much if any ties with her side....but I did get on the phone and talk to her one time...and I asked her, she did not know other than my great grandmother died that year. I knew it wasn't her.

It wasn't until my great grandfather died a few years later, that I read it in his online obituary. He had two sons die before in infancy, and the other in the age of 20, right before his 21st 1968.

I knew it was him immediately...I could feel he was male, his age, his energy, and the year he died...but I had no name, face, or idea who he was until that day.

I go into things further and more detail in my other posts, because I've written about him and posted his picture on here before. But this is the gist of it...I have been contacted through dreams by deceased loved ones, and some I barely know before, yes.

Amazing. VERY interesting!!
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