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Extremely helpful interpretations! Thank you all!

Every single night I ask him to visit me in my dreams again. I have had a couple others with him, but it has been SO long now and I miss them and him.

One interesting one I had with him was where he showed up and got me to get on this table that put me through some machine that altered the smallest particles in my body. It then somehow transported me and him to somewhere out in space, on another planet. There were a bunch of ppl that we knew from high school there and everyone was performing different skits on stage. I kept saying I wasn't ready and my brother called up "we're ready!" I was so mad at him because I wanted to work on everything much longer and couldn't believe he wanted to go up then. I told him we should go home and work on it before going on stage. He said that he couldn't go home with me. He pointed to a guy that was on a laptop at the edge of the planet. He said "this guy is helping us have a connection. We can't leave and work on it because we won't have our connection. So we have to stay here to work on it."

I had another one where he was flying in space and his eyes became huge like the size of planets. He no longer had a body. Just "eyes" with energy. There was REALLY strong energy coming from them. I think he said "be careful looking into them" or maybe "don't look into them." I looked into them and it was like it sucked me in super fast and powerful. Very colorful too.
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