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Thank you so much for your responses! I had an extremely memorable dream with my brother shortly after he passed away.

My brother died a little over 4 years ago. I was 30 years old and he was 31. We were best friends. He died unexpectedly one night when we went out drinking to celebrate me moving to live with him and getting a new job. He was a recovering addict (pain pills) and had been sober for at least 3 years prior to making the stupid decision to put on fentanyl patches. I was completely unaware he was wearing fentanyl patches when we went out drinking. It's a deadly combo in case anyone didn't know.


A few weeks after he died I had the most incredible dream that seemed SO much like real life. it was unlike any other dream I have EVER had. He showed up in my parents house and my parents and him were trying to convince me that he was in fact alive. I was screaming and saying that he was dead. It seemed like it took weeks in the dream to convince me that he was alive and well. Time seemed to be very different in this dream. He was extremely bright and shiny and had the most pure smile. It seemed as though he had found COMPLETE PEACE. He just kept smiling at me and hugging me. We seemed to talk for hours but I don't remember what was said. At one point I do remember asking him "Do you now realize that wearing fentanyl patches and drinking was a terrible idea and that fentanyl is 70% stronger than morphine?!" He peacefully smiled at me and just said "can we just talk about that sometime after we are finished?" I am still not sure what that meant, but I could tell that it wasn't of importance in the "big scheme" of things.

At this point I knew we had to go somewhere. I thought we were going out somewhere to talk and hang out. We said goodbye to my parents. We walked out the garage door and walked into a HUGE party with bright lights and lots of people. They were all clapping and celebrating my brother. I kept going around to people at the "party" and telling them "hey, can you believe it?! My brother was dead and now he was alive!" They seemed to look at me as if I was a little child that didn't fully understand things and just smiled. We spent awhile at this party and then he led me out another door. This door went to an old spiral staircase. It was very dark. He walked down the staircase as I floated above. I could tell he was getting increasingly tired as he walked down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs was a little brown box with tubes. He plugged the tubes into himself (and I think he plugged the box into the wall) and he proceeded to lay down in fetal position. I was under the impression that he needed much rest and healing.

I have thought of this dream SO many times over the years. Does anyone have an interpretation? I wonder if he came to get me to assist him in crossing over.
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