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Originally Posted by Rena
I am the same way as most of you all, i keep it to myself for the most part except my boyfriend of 6 years..... But he doesnt like talking about it or hearing about my visions....etc..... I dont talk about it to most people because people think you're crazy with this psychic spiritual stuff. I need to be more like Lynn. Not caring about what others think!!! But yes it gets frustrating sometimes not to be able to talk about it and wondering if they even believe you have ability....because they dont know what the gift is like. People like to think its your imagination, which is not the case.


Some of us are writing back....and the forum is giving a busy signal and wiping away the response. That's happened several times with me, just know I wrote you and it disappeared when I tried to send it. I don't have the energy to go in detail again...but I will say this. Sometimes things are symbolic, and sometimes they are projections of our own emotional states. I've noticed a lot of people who are more open get a lot of different, abstract symbols and energy flying back and forth at them. It's easy, to get confused, misinterpret, or project our own feelings on to others.

I've been wrong more than once, trying to interpret messages sent to me, and had to wait to see it unfold to understand it, and see how my own feelings colored or washed over the intent of the original message, by overthinking.

I've never seen someone who has passed over crying, I have seen one worried. That usually happens immediately after death, days for us, when one has left unfinished business. Most of them time, it's unfinished business that can be easily resolved with family. However if that is not your dads nature, then you really have to look at what you are going through at the time, and face your own emotions...because it could be that you are leaning on your fathers guidance or help, when in fact it is you who is crying inside.

Sentience is right, emotional connections make the strongest psychic abilities between people...and places, things, ect....but you have to be careful interpreting what the message is, because it's easily misinterpreted at times.

If I don't know the answer I won't post, or if I've seen somebody answer it the way I would, I won't's better to guide one to their truth, instead of trying to answer it for them. Chances are, deep inside, you already know the truth...but have buried it for one reason or another.
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