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A native friend of mine (for many years) used to put an image of a feather on his greetings.

Once, when I suddenly felt his presence and was compelled to look up to the sky, there was a perfect feather formed out of a cloud in front of me.
This to me was surprising, because I have only seen ‘ghosts’ able to shape clouds.

Then years after.
One day as I was walking through the park (there are always feathers around here, so I don’t take any notice of them), but on this day there was a feather in front of me, ‘looking at me’ and ‘it wanted me to pick it up’.
As I picked it up, I felt that there was a gathering of a group around a departed loved one.
I only knew one person who would send me feathers, and sure enough this native friend had just passed.

He must have sent a feather to all his friends and loved ones as a message.

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