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I don't know about schools on other worlds, although it's possible...I can't imagine it gets worse than this

I do know that after my NDE, I was always having dreams of some kind of schooling on the other side. Often I would be in large auditoriums, that looked very much like universities here, but we're more spectacular.

I can remember one time, walking with scholars with long beards, and in white robes around a marble rock looking auditorium. It was huge, with different levels and floors....and resembled Roman buildings. We had watched something that pertained to my life in a theater, but it was instantly wiped out when I woke up. I remember walking out with them, outside of the building, and standing at the mid level section and talking with them, while overlooking the first floor. Thy weren't being judgemental or mad, but we were discussing something about the traumatic events of my life, and how they shaped some of my choices...but I don't remember details. They were unbiased, but there for guidance.

The next schooling was at a mid sized high rise, made of golden sand, overlooking the ocean...the waves came almost right up to the building, and were different colors of blue crystals. The sky was orange, I did not see a sun or moon. But I do remember being at the top of this high rise, seated, there were no walls, but four corner pillars that the roof sat it was open and high up, and you could feel the breeze, and see or hear the ocean. It was set up like a college auditorium, and a platform in the middle for a teacher. I could sense others were there, but I could not see them.

I have no recollection of what I learned, I can only say that it pertained to my NDE and lifestyle...but I remember nothing else.
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