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If we are to look to the Bible and what it says there (noting Sunday School) for me was a long time ago now, I do recall that there is no mention of man becoming and Angel more that we are blessed to stay with the Lord. Those that do not follow that Lord have the fate of heading down.

I do feel that we can become a Guide to the living in the body, that we can help others along a path. I do feel that we attend school and that there is so much more to experience and grow into.

I do feel that pull to not come back human again at times, but then I stop and remember the pleasures of the flesh and the senses the body gives one and I pause to wonder if I want to surrender that part of learning and exploring.

Its a pointy picket fence we can find we sit upon at times..... ever seeking more but not sure what we truly might find.

Lead the best life you can, keep a clean Karmic path and make sure that your application is put to the Universe in an Affirmation that can be heard then granted. Look to become someone that is of service and not just the Earth servant again in a body if that is not what one seeks.

Too a part of me wonders if we do get a say in it all....but only time will tell us that one and we rarely get to come back and share that information it seems.

If the crow has chosen you as your spirit or totem animal, it supports you in developing the power of sight, transformation, and connection with life’s magic.
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