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Originally Posted by Rena
Everytime i need to talk to someone about things i dont understand, i get on the forum.... But what sucks is when i post a thread, people hardly ever respond!!!! Which is discouraging
Are you referring to this post of yours?
Why did i see my deceased dad crying?
Last night, i saw my dad when i was laying in bed with my eyes closed. He was crying and i dont know why. Anybody have any ideas? I really need some help with this.
Perhaps people (they/we/those) do not answer posts, because they/we do not know how to, didn’t see them, couldn’t relate to them or the timing wasn’t right - whatever.

I saw that post of yours, but wasn’t going to answer it, because I’d rather leave it to the real “psychics” and because to me – it was an ‘odd note’.

Odd, because (from my mapped experiences point of view), the departed usually always come to visit the loved ones to tell them how well they are now - almost to the point of bragging - showing the youthful and radiant images of themselves to make the point.

It is only those just very recently departed – who are confused and bewildered by their *felt* ‘untimely passing’ that pour out their emotions with anger or sadness about them not being seen or heard by the living.
But once they accept the situation – peace and serenity follows with expanded awareness (a kind of ‘awakening’).

Odd note also, because (from my experience) communications with the departed are ‘other dimensional’ and “energetic”, ‘translated’ by our minds (within the mind space) into mental images and ‘voices’.
Energetic communications have an “aura” about them, so a simple image or a sentence conveys much depth about its overall meaning, which is sensed or intuitively directly understood.

So if your father hadn’t just passed at the time of your ‘vision’, then another explanation is that you projected your own sadness and longing upon your father’s image, because you so do miss him.
But I could be totally wrong here!

Ultimately the answer you seek, comes from Your connection with your Father. Others can only guess or give ideas, so looking for answers from others is kind of like seeking them from the wrong direction.
But it often does help to voice ones questions.

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