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Having communications with the departed is common for Saami-Karelian-Vepsian.
It is not really “being psychic” in the Western sense, it is part of the Shamanic culture.

Communications with the departed is common among my Oz-Aboriginal friends as well, so it is easy to relate.

Originally Posted by Rena
You are very lucky to have such a friend as him. All of us needs some kind of friend that has abilities too that can help us through things.... They help by being a listening ear and they help with their knowledge. Also they are truly interested in the subject, unlike most people. Lol
How shall I put it ........
He is a friend – but not really my friend as he is more like a person who belongs to everybody, yet nobody especially.
He serves everybody because he serves Totality in the Non-Dual sense, hence he is the lowest of the low humble person, but his abilities to serve make him the highest of the high that anyone can trust.

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