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That's why I'm here, Rena...I've had some pretty awesome things happen, but nobody to talk to. I kinda go overboard here sometimes.( I get a little excited:) You guys can share with me, I love hearing your stories...I believe you, because I know it's real, and we are not crazy! ( okay maybe a tad;). This world is so crazy backwards, people have no idea how real it is. I was experiencing this stuff most of my life....and still had no idea what it was. I thought psychic abilities were more in your face, so I didn't know these dreams, quick I mages, feelings, and small video like clips, had any real validation.

I've had a few NDEs, and that's when things would always pick back up...God was calling me, and I wouldn't listen....even while experiencing it.

There's a funny story I want to share

I've always questioned it, what the he'll was all this? . It was here on this board two years ago, that I was on questioning it...posts after posts, and some very nice moderators and members assured me, but still I felt lost while talking to them. It was funny because between making these posts, I would wait for answers, and go off and answer others peoples post, and wait for people to answer mine. Back and forth.

Well, I was off answering anothers post, waiting for replies on mine...and I did it without even knowing. I was questioning my abilities, while answering another persons post and using my abilities at the same time.

I clearly read in her post that she was a math teacher, I saw it as I read it. I didn't know nobody else wasnt reading the same thing. When she replied to my comment, she asked, how did you know I taught math? I said, because you wrote it! She said no, I didn't! I said, yes you did! Lol.

She told me to go back and read it again, and so I did....and I couldn't find where she said she was a math teacher....I read it three more times, and it wasn't there. Then I looked to see if she had edited it, and she didn't...and then I looked to see if I was on the right post....and I was.

Then she said, I'm not surprised, I knew you guys on this board were psychic! (She was a new member and started this post)

And here I was, checking my own post I made, about my psychic experiences. Haha, it's funny looking back...I just couldn't accept it, even after all the years of experiences, and the NDEs, and yet...While I was feeling crazy, and questioning it.....I was doing it at the same time!

So hard headed I am, and I've been told that many times.
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