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I try not to get upset with people who come here with bitter mentalities...we got to remember that a lot of members come here when they lack faith, are troubled, and need help. It's a growing process. Many of us, including myself...lose faith, get bitter, and come back...time and again to spirituality.

It's life, it's hard...we don't understand everything, and sometimes, we understand nothing.

What I do everybody is evolving and experiencing different things through their own progress and set backs. While I have no bitter feelings towards the poster, I do want to set the focus on their own empowerment, and not let the bitterness be in control. It's normal, I think, to swing between the two, until each person learns to overcome their own negative feelings, and navigate through these harsh lessons...we are more betrayed by humans, than the spiritual world. Don't let what people do here, upset your faith and beliefs in the spirit world. The two, are completely opposites...and what goes on here, the **** the reason why we are either be teachers or students....of the good, bad, and often...very ugly.

Unfortunately, lower minded people do very bad things to teach you strength, wisdom, discernmemt, ect... and when you have enough courage and confidence to stand up and deal with it positively, the roles become reversed...and you become their teacher. Only experience can teach that, and that's how we interact, and help each other grow on a spiritual level.
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