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Honestly, you have to be careful who you share your information with.

Yes, I've shared mine...but sometimes, when I have tried to share it with someone who lost a loved one, seems like divine intervention stopped me from doing so. Weird things will happen, like we be interrupted over and over, for long periods by other people or events...until we have forgotten what we were talking about, and moved on from the doscussion. When I look back...most of these people I was trying to share the message with, weren't really trustworthy, and ended up not being people with very good character, beliefs or faith, later on. I think in hindsight, I knew that deep down, subconsciously...and that's why I was trying to reach out to them. But you can't make non believers, believers...and don't throw yourself under the bus to try and help someone else who is going to use it against you later, or who isn't interested. Your experiences are for you, and between you and God.

At the time it might have been frustrating, but later...I can see why it was disrupted before I could share what happened.

So, just because it's spiritual, doesn't mean it's for everyone...Ive learned its for the intended person who experienced it, and can be sacred and not meant for everyone. You have to use your discernmemt and keep your experiences close to you in faith.

This board is another's purpose is to share your experiences with other people, that's it's purpose....however sometimes things are better left unsaid. Others times, it's okay. You will know by the way you feel, before, while and after you share it....if the members are open minded, receptive, or have something to add from their own experiences.

Also, you have to remember...that sharing your spiritual experiences to others, especially family and friends, can be likened to them as you getting a fancy new car or gift, that they didn't get. It can paint you in a light, that others don't want to hear, or think you are anymore special than them.

While we all have the ability to experience these things, some peoples vibrations and mentality are not on that wavelength...and while your intentions may be good, they may be received less favorably. Use discernmemt, and don't try to force or change people. They are following their own path, and going at their own spiritual pace.

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