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Whatever you say; whatever you put out there, you have got to let go of once you put it out there. Unless you think you have offended someone, then an apology may be in order. But otherwise you can not hold on to how others will receive your message.

Everything that we talk or think about is really about us reflecting on ourselves, even if we say it about someone else. Experiences beyond this physical world are some of the most intimate and personal experiences which I have had and I do not share them willy nilly with just anyone, including family or close friends.

I am not in the evangelical business of trying to convert people to see things my way. The best sharing which I can do is to share love unspoken; that is the presence of love coming through me without saying a word. More than anything else that will transform others. Sharing love without words is what a new born baby, or infant, does, and we so-called "adults" can do that as well.
"Life is like a box of chocolates." Forrest Gump
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