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In my book "Futureoids & Cosmic Reincarnation" I explain the death process.I have been shown the whole process by my spiritual dimension (soul). For myself I have another planet to go.
The physics of the universe is such that there is the physical world with a speed of 186,000 miles per second and a spiritual energy field of 1000 light years per second as per the data from my soul.
When you die you will see the light. Suddenly your physical mind will fade away and you will be left with your spiritual dimension. Most people will see the light. Some people will be repelled from the light and perish in the outer darkness. No torture is involved. Spiritual death is rather rapid.
The center of the light is at the center of this Earth. I watched many souls flow into the light. It is a feeling of love. You will become part of the collective soul of the Earth. You will be gone. However you are no in memory and at the right time you will reincarnate into a new fetus.
Some people are cosmic reincarnates and will be transmitted to a new Earth to be born again and live again. Hopefully it will be a higher Earth but that depends upon your Karma. In any event the worst you can expect is a similar life to what you have here. Heaven and Hell does not exist. All there is is physical/spiritual existence in which you are born over and over again forever.
According to my soul I cannot die. It is my fate to live forever. I am not happy about this but at age 79 I have come to accept my fate. In any event there is nothing to fear but life itself.
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