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there is a cosmological theory in which all that exists is present in the
"here and now"; perhaps it's involving fractal patterns of expansion.
my thought is that your headaches may have been a physical symptom
of discomfort you'd experienced due to shifting your perspective between
distinct points within the 'matrix'. prescient knowledge may be obtained
by recognizing patterns and translating them into present circumstances.

the idea that the grim reaper is your loving partner is suggesting to me
that the ability to shift between realities has been 'disowned' by you and
given to another (your partner)... transitioning between perspectives
within the matrix has become associated with death to you in this form.
for him to have been reluctant to embrace you seems to imply that you
are not due for passing through the death experience any more (or at
least not at that juncture). redefining his function for you may allow you
to come into reunion with your full self -- without a need to blink out of
existence and reappear somewhere else bereft of your memories.
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