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I have read the same theory, that we are re routed into the physical world by not only take on our karma, but the karma of those rerouting us back into this world.

I don't believe that. Imo, it is a theory those who feel victimized would align with. There's an overt victimization to this theory.

The physical world is hard, there is not one person who wouldn't say they haven't felt victimized at least one time, and for many...all the time.

It is a school for learning...but it's not learning how to be rich, or famous, or popular.

It's a school for the to be strong from the inside out. Not the outside in. Nobody with a strong mentality would be believe we are being victimized here, in even the harshest circumstances there are lessons from the soul to the spirit.

The difference is, some people learn fast, and others... can't learn in a lifetime. Those are the defiant, stubborn ones who play victim to a life that takes good and bad with learning...there are those whose horses get away and run wild, and there are those who have them firmly by the reigns.

But everybody's horses have gotten away at one time, or another. That's how you learn to hold the reigns.
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