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My understanding about Death as an Illusion and part of the Trap system.

Hello all

I look at death as part of the Trap system in this fake reality and universe.

I have read the Tibetan book of the Dead or the Bardol Thodol. When
I sleep at night I know I leave my body assume another personality and enter another less material body and assume a different personality Oblivious to that I am Sleeping or practicing Death in the after life your so called Dream World much like the Bardol Thodol says of the afterlife when people die and begin the slippery slide down the slope to the womb and rebirth. Your bed is in reality is your coffin disguised. That is also why you were born you sought refuge of this world to escape the karmic demon creations of your previous life accompanied by the Trauma that were chasing you and missed the so called clear light of true escape so says the Bardo Thodol text.

After I am done dreaming created from the daily insanity of the karma effects while in the body return to the body and born again so to speak and wake feeling refreshed in the host body. We get so stressed in the host body of this insane world of ours expecting different results when we return from our afterlife Dream world. This world is full of deception and lies and all part of the trap system by something or being and no it is not a school of learning all lies parroted by the New Age group of just ignorant fools due to someone parroting that to all and all started parroting that as well as being true. I have read a lot on the NDE's all part of the Trap system to catch those in that state and route them so they are none the wiser and told a lie.

I have also read a lot on Buddhist understanding of our fake reality we live in. Although I am not a practicing Buddhist and have my own secret knowledge of my own discovery on my part. I am so to speak my own mystery school and the only member.

I am very intuitive and Clairaudience that is I listen to what I need to hear and guided by that to do my research for my own personal use to figure out what this world is about and its insanity of people 24/7 trying to over and over expecting different results which is the very definition of insanity.
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