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I have more experience with pennies.

I can only think back to when I lived in what I believe to be a haunted house, or it was me...Ive had experiences my whole life. Anyways, many paranormal experiences there, the house was made of stone. (I have told of when I was warned of my great grandfathers death the night he died with the bell, this happened in this house). Right around that time, I had a sliding glass door that led to the deck in the back. I use to spend a lot of time cleaning branches, feathers, and leaves off the deck. The feathers would always be right by the door.

I was sitting in a chair by the door one day, and I distinctly smelled a strong scent of perfume. It wasn't mine, it was very flowery and strong, like the kind an older lady would wear.

I got up and walked around to see where it was coming from...and at that moment, I looked at the glass door, and here was a big bird coming right at the glass. It obviously didn't know it was glass, and it hit.

Feathers everywhere...the bird didn't hit, got up and flew off.

I don't know if that had any correlation to the smell, or if there was a reason at that moment it came and hit the door. I never thought about it...but it does seem weird that both of those coincidences happened at the same time.

I had to go and clean up the feathers away from the door. I don't know what kind of bird it was, though.
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