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I have had quite a few moments where I have found feathers in odd places and had a sudden feeling as soon as I found them.

I was doing a lot of candle meditation at one point last year and the flame and energy around me was going insane. This was at a time where I suddenly got a thought to research spirit guides as I'd never heard of spirit guides before (it was probably them who planted the thought in my mind, ha).

Anyway, I was doing a candle meditation one evening, connecting to my guides and I kept feeling a presence around me, or an energy of sorts. It was a Monday evening and I asked my guides to send me a feather if I am connecting with them to show me I am on the right path. I requested the feather by no later than that Friday, so four days time.

I woke up the next morning and was busy getting ready for work as you do, my mind not even thinking about the feather at all. I drew my blinds up in my bedroom and something prompted me to instinctively look outside the window at my driveway, right in a certain spot which was quite far away from my house to the eye, and I thought I saw a feather right dead center of the driveway, at the very front of it.

I went outside to see if it was a feather and it was. A downy small white feather just laid there on it's own. The house I was in didn't attract birds of that type, and the positioning of it was so prominent. I also just knew it was my guides, I got that feeling it was.

Another time was when I found out some really bad news which is hugely challenging in my life. The situation is still going on, but this was at the beginning when I was very stressed with it all. I was driving down the road, shaking and crying with the stress of the news I'd just heard and encountered and started talking to my guides whilst driving.

I remember shouting ''Just please send me a sign everything is going to alright - please! Send me a feather or a coin, or anything, just something!''. I had to pull into a service station to get fuel, pulled up to one spot and they were out of diesel, so I reversed and went to the next fuel bay opposite the one that had ran out, got out the car and starting filling the tank. As I was filling the tank I was staring into the sky not thinking of anything, just feeling empty and drained. Again, something instinctively made me look at the ground and right next to one of the back wheels of my car was a small white feather, which again gave me a strange feeling when I saw it, but a feeling of comfort.
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