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Here are some thoughts on "Feathers" and their meaning and appearance in connection to the passing of someone. They span the sands of time, and seem to tie to many cultures.

What other thoughts or experiences with the appearance of "Feathers" do you have, or what do you use them for in life ?

Spiritual messages come to us while we sleep and in our day to day life often in the form of a feather. This can be both visual and physical in their appearance, from many sources, Spirit Guides, Angels, and even passed loved one’s. Feathers are used in many ceremonies, worm, and used as ornamental decorations.

The history of feathers spans many cultures over the span of time itself. With the Native American cultures, the Chief wears feathers in their head dress, and their body, to link to the wisdom of the Spirits. They can bridge the link to the Thunder God’s and to the elements of wind and air.

The Celts, the Druid Priests decorate their robes with feathers to gain knowledge of the Spiritual Kingdom. This is to bridge the connection with the sky gods in wearing the feathers, they facilitated the ability to travel from the Earth Plane to the Celestial Plane of existence.

With Egyptians again, there is a connection to the Sky Gods. The feathers helped with the passing to the afterlife, and to the underworld. Ma’ at, the female goodness of Truth, Justice, and Balance, decided if a deceased person would successfully make to the afterlife. This was done by measuring their soul against their feather of truth.

Moving to more modern times we link feathers to many things, Dream Catchers, jewelry, imprinted on clothing, even to the more mundane event of dusting in using them as a duster.

It is often when our thoughts are with the loss of a loved one that we will come to find a “Feather” in our path. Some are physical in form where we can take them with us, and others are a vision or message presentation. Small white downy feathers are said to be from Angels a message from Heaven.

When we find a bird feather on our travels we might well dismiss it, but often it will hold a connection to someone we might well have on our mind, even if its in the more subconscious. Or at times it is a message from our Guide to show a connection to a Spirit Bird that might hold a message for us.

If the crow has chosen you as your spirit or totem animal, it supports you in developing the power of sight, transformation, and connection with life’s magic.
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