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Originally Posted by Radishes
Thank you so much for your reply, I believe every word you said and the words lifted me. My Mum is in a wonderful place and when I die she will be there waiting for me, she was lovely but never a hugger - I think she will actually hug me when we meet again on the other side. I miss her so much its hard going on without her - but you need to live a full life on this side before you cross to the other - thank you so much again x
You're very welcome...I'm happy that I was able to help you. You may want to pursue further research into NDEs for further affirmation (never hurts to check out what anyone claims), but the main thing is you're able to accept what happens to all of us.
Funny, but I just saw a video on Nicola Tesla, and in it, it was mentioned that he and Albert Einstein both mentioned the importance of intuition, which comes from consciousness. Consciousness is viewed upon by science to be energy. Energy is eternal. So, your intuition that you will hug your Mum will come to be. Until then, be happy and grateful that you Mum was such a wonderful part of your life, remembering all the wondrous things you will experience again with her.
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