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Planes of Existence

The thing about any concepts, or beliefs, about the afterlife is that at the time of human death, or to go into the light, we must give up all of our concepts and beliefs about death and the afterlife; including any beliefs which I have written here. Our beliefs can create expectations which might hinder our further transition beyond this physical world. I believe that beliefs, or faith, serve a valuable purpose but they are as a double edged sword. What we put our faith in we open up to, and at the time of human death I feel it is best to open up to nothingness, which is clear of all thoughts, beliefs, and concepts.

Life transitions are very intimate and highly subjective, and it is no different with the transition that we call “death.” We leave our physical body at the time of human death, but we must also leave our mental and emotional covering as well, to enter the light. We are always traveling and transitioning through our own being.

What I share here is from what I have gathered from my own out-of-body experiences, talking with others who have had out-of-body experiences, and my spiritual studies and insights over the decades. None of us are really in our physical bodies as our consciousness, or essential nature, extends far beyond our physical body.

Right now, at this very moment, we exist on many levels simultaneously; we are not only physical beings but also mental beings, emotional beings, and at our innermost level spiritual beings. Actually, it is all spirit, just vibrating at various frequencies giving the illusion of different textures and qualities. Existence is a journey through various textures and qualities; it is ongoing, transformational, and experiential.

We travel the various realms of our own being; Some call them planes of existence, others call them realms, or levels of existence, and still others may call them bardos, but it does not matter what we call them, they exist in the here and now right within us and are part of our being. Human death may look the same with everyone on the outside but each of us have our very own unique journey on the inside. There is really no such thing as “nothing” so what we open up to are finer levels of ourselves in various realms.
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