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Dynamo: The Most Powerful Sorcerer Currently In Existence

I am a spiritual medium and metaphysical teacher of many years and am an expert on this and related subjects. My Gift of the Spirit, the Gift of Discernment, cultivated over many years, stems from white-energy, seventh plane saints who are not collectivistic but individualistic in that they strive to be A Light Onto Oneself. They, like me, emphasize the cultivation of daily radiance, spiritual-sexual purity, humility or non-competitiveness, compassion, and heroism (i.e., a blend of courage and compassion).

Individually, spirits are too weak in The Light to manifest healing and telekinesis. So the age-old solution is to have many of them, like hundreds, even thousands, rarely millions, combine into an astral gestalt or group entity, thereby granting them the power to manifest minor miracles. (A gestalt is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.) One does not have to be highly evolved to do this. All the major religions were started by large, yellow-energy group entities on the fourth plane in the well-known seven astral plane or seven heaven paradigm found in Islam, Catholicism, the Kabbalah, and Hinduism.

The only difference between prophets like Jesus/Issa/Yuz Asaf, Moses, Sai Baba, and Abraham, versus sorcerers like King Solomon, Simon Magus (or Simon the Sorcerer) and more recent sorcerer examples like Cyril Takayama, David Blaine, Yif, Criss Angel, and Steven Frayne/Dynamo: is that prophets tend to have larger yellow-energy group entities that power and empower the formation of traditional religions.

In biblical times, the Christian group entity was more powerful than that of any sorcerer and they wished to be worshiped as GOD. They got their wish. That is why, for example, when there was a telekinetic contest between Simon Magus and the Apostle Peter to determine who was representative of the one true God (technically, neither of them were), that the Christian group entity was stronger. The duel arcane between Peter and Simon was dramatized in this History Channel episode.

Steven Frayne/Dynamo, like King Solomon, follows the age-old tradition of a sorcerer who gets his Gifts of the Spirit from a community of people on the Other Side. What makes him unique is that he tends to be more altruistic in his manifestations than most sorcerers AND that his astral gestalt or group entity is not a fourth plane, yellow-energy group entity - like Jesus/Issa had - but a fifth plane, violet-energy group entity.

The fifth plane of dimensions, when everyone has a Dominant Aura Color of violet, is the general border in consciousness between those who have a collectivistic mindset and who are a little more principled than their fourth plane, yellow-energy counterparts (who want people to worship them as GOD), and the sixth plane, sky blue-energy saints who strive to be A Light Onto Oneself and seek only the absolute truth.

The absolute truth is that the Space God who used the non-living Light to manifest The Big Bang has yet to come into this space-time continuum and that all the major religions were started by large group entities who wish to be worshiped and to control people, and who did not and do not represent The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega. Fourth plane, yellow-energy group entities don't want people in the flesh to know this!

Steven Frayne is the soul of Grigori Rasputin. This is self-evident by his gift to self-heal, just like Rasputin did, and why it was so hard to assassinate that Russian mystic, as he had that same gift from a group entity: Example #1 and Example #2.

The fall of a prophet..

In the 1970's Swami Sai Baba of India was referred to as The Christ of India because he could purportedly duplicate every miracle attributed to Jesus/Issa. However, at the advent of the Internet, it came out from former devotees that Sai Baba was a pedophile and sexual predator (who also reportedly had some people murdered) at his ashram in India. Consequently, a former devotee remarked at the look of anguish on Sai Baba's face when he waved his arm in the air - as he often did to produce sacred ash (vibhuti) or to create jewelry or to create food - and found that he could no longer manifest like he once did.

If you abuse others and/or abuse your Gifts of the Spirit you will slowly weaken and/or lose those telekinetic gifts.

In a word...KARMA.

The decline of a sorcerer...

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, Criss Angel (formerly Simon Magus) used to be the most powerful sorcerer but he and his yellow-energy group entity misused their power, abused people like this metaphysical author, and shrank in membership and power level. That is why Criss Angel no longer does his high levitations and teleportations.

Criss Angel used to do be able to do this and this.

But now, as of 2016, can only do this.

People who have known Criss Angel have relayed in so many words that he is not a spiritual person.

If Steven continues to stay grounded and not become egotistical and/or abusive with his energies to innocents, and to continue to do good works (charity) with his Gifts of the Spirit, he will likely remain for many years the most powerful sorcerer in existence.
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