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What this means? Feathers

My Mum passed away peacefully on Boxing day. She was a kind generous lady and loved family.

The day after she dies, I was walking in my garden and a plant pot (that had been bolted to the wall on a hinge for years) fell just as I was walking past !!

Later on I went to my Dads - who lives 3 doors away, and he had seen a vision of light - flickering light water - coming from the ceiling which he spoke too. I wanted further more substantial proof that she has reached peace on the other side (I never saw the light vision my Dad did - he is elderly although I believe him)

On going to the train station, I found a feather, it was whitey brown and mucky, but I was elated !! I then made sure it was the only feather in the stations and found on a track a dead owl !! I was mortified, I don't know what it means but a dead owl ??? They are not a symbol of luck and I don't kwow what to think...I am desperate to know she is alright. Please give me some advice
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