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It is my deepest dream/desire to be with God after I kick off this mortal coil - not so much in 'heaven' with angels and other people, but just to be one with God.

It is said that God lives in a place called Shambala, where Sanat Kumara (the Lord of the World) dwells.

In ancient times, before the last pole-shift, Shambala was said to be located in is the next point of evolution of man as a species when we enter into our next, sixth root-race.

Shambala is known as the 'Crown Chakra' of the world - the focal point for the culmination of Earth energies from the molten core of the Earth to the crust via way of the Earth's I said, it was previously in Brazil prior to the last Magnetic Pole reversal.

These days, it is in the Himalayas somewhere, at the total antipodes of Brazil...notably Mount Kailash. Mount Kailash is the abode of Lord Shiva...but that's only the connection on the physical plane.

Shambala is the earth's 'doorway' or 'portal' to the stars. It isn't a physical location whatsoever.

God is within the heart...also without, as the whole universe. The aim is to be 'where God is' whilst still alive, so upon death and after it, there is no transition whatsoever - because one is already 'where God is' because God is ultimately everywhere, existing as pure wherever there is vibration and frequency...wherever there is spanda (the vibrational pulse of cosmic unity), God is there also.
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