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Originally Posted by Swami Chihuahuananda
Mrs. chi and I have a low tolerance for suffering, and there are many scenarios which could make life here untenable . We are prepared, if the spit hits the fan. Not to hole up and live like post-apocalyptic hooligans, but to simply check out of this world before the spit gets all over us.

Some people will tell you it's a horrible thing to take your own life , that it will...
complicate things on the other side. But nobody knows everything, and I heard from somebody who heard from somebody on the other side that said "it's no big deal" . So, we don't find society's and biology's desperate clinging to life to be some kind of sacred obligation.

There's no rule book here , except ones you let someone else make up for you, but why do that. I feel we have the sovereign right to live and die as we please, so we are prepared to make that choice when the time comes. Tell you what: I don't want to hang on until I'm a vegetable, unable to wipe my own butt, and I'm sure not going to be anyone's caretaker, doing that.
It's quite enough trouble to do the day to day, with a body that needs PT , needs to work and play .

But am I looking forward to death ?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Lately, I've become more willing expedite the inevitable; more accepting that there isn't anything holding me here. No great Undone Thing (okay, I do need to goof around online less, and write about work) . I would dearly love to hold little Zeus in my arms again, and let him lick my face, and I would lick his all over too, I imagine. If that part's true, then my answer is "yes, and the sooner the better" . But if nothing too ugly happens, I'm willing to wait until whenever, but I don't want to be a burden, and I insist on quality of life . The choice and ability to leave, though, is mine , and not that of some idiot in a hospital, sucking finances like a vampire for the corporation and forcing my body to stay alive .
Poopy on that

This touched me so much.

I'd have to agree with most of what they say though I've suffered a lot in this lifetime. If I had a debilitating condition I'd want my life to be over sooner than later. But I'm touchy about suicide. I commit suicide in a previous life and I was very disappointed in myself once I was on the other side. It made me heap trauma on myself in this lifetime to make up for it.

If you hit rock bottom, start picking up rocks.

By embracing my imperfections I am becoming perfect.

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