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Originally Posted by Starman
You don't go into the light rather you are the light, it is a matter of embracing your self on a deeper level. The light is already inside of you and if you cling to your own inner light your transition, at the time which we call "death, will be smooth and without fear.

I used to help people die when I worked in a hospice and the one thing we would do is help that person live in, and embrace, the moment. At the time of death be with the transition and do not anticipate what is going to happen next; for fear comes from what may happen next.

A lot of the people that I saw die were in their latter years and many of them would say, days before they died, that their life went by so quickly. I came to understand that many of these people where not here when their life was happening. While they were alive they lived their lives in the memories of yesterday and dreams for tomorrow, and their life went by without them because they were not in the moment where their life was happening, and that is why it seemed their life went by so quickly.

Breath control can help us with mental and emotional control; fear is an emotion based on the anxiety of what may happen next. The cornerstone of my life is "Know Thyself," which includes getting to know your own inner light in the here and now at this very precious moment. Quiet your thoughts about death and live centered in the moment and you can have a smooth transition at the time of human death; don't anticipate; if you have ideas about what is going to happen, you will miss out on the awesomeness that is actually happening.

Such a great post, Starman👍
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