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Who or what could possibly be behind this "trap" you fear/read about? How could it possibly have more power/influence over the source of your being? Your consciousness will do the right thing when it leaves your body. When I had my NDE, I didn't see any light. I simply was in a place of pitch black, and suddenly blue sky and white clouds began to appear. It was a remarkably wonderful experience. Many have had much more remarkably wonderful experiences than I have, some less. Many see/go to the light, some don't. Again, your consciousness can't be deceived. Once free of the ego's grip, it knows (although IMO it's not completely free until the physical body can not be returned to, there is still influence from the ego but it's weak, and perhaps the ego influences what's been experienced when consciousness/spirit returns to the body...hence, what makes sense to me is one of these two scenarios is why what is experienced during a NDE differ...sometimes wildly so).
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