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Originally Posted by Claire.1972
Hi AngelBirds74,
I am also new on here. My dad died also two weeks ago and I am a firm believer in the after life. I have been reading and learning as much as I possibly can but everything I have read suggests that following death we do naturally go to the bright light. I am worried because I would love to make contact with my dad but he didn't believe in the afterlife at all, I am so hoping he is not put off contacting me because of that. But even so I am prepared to read and learn all I can because it is so fascinating. Take care.
When we pass on, our beliefs manifest, creating illusory environments that conform to our expectations. To those who didn't believe in afterlife, it might take awhile to realize what happened to them, and they might still believe they're physically alive, keeping going like through an uneventful dream of their physical life.

After death, you are in a thought responsive environment.

If a religious person dies, they usually go through an illusory phase of haven / hell / ..., until they realize what happened.

There are people involved in such souls' retrieval, helping them to move on past the confusing phase.

Going toward the white light is best, because it means you're going toward joining your higher self, your immortal soul.

As on any subject there are opinions on all the possible spectrum. Don't let the fear mongers get the better of you!
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