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Originally Posted by AngelBirds74

I haven't posted before, despite joining a while ago.

My mum died at the end of November and like all my other family members who have died over the years (Some very close ones too), I have never had any signs from them that they are still around.

I am very scared about death and what comes after and this has been playing on my mind, especially because I have had no signs of an afterlife from my passed over family members and I really worry that either something bad happens or we get recycled and our souls get trapped or something. I also read this article today called 'Death and the Tunnel of Light: The Final Grand Trick', which says that you should never go into the light because it is a trap (I can't post a link to the article because I haven't made enough posts yet, but it is a 'Wake up World' article) and this didn't help allay my fears in the slightest, as we are always told to go into the light when we die.

So, I am very scared of death, but mainly what comes after, not quite so much the death itself, unless it's particularly horrible of course!
It seems that you fell for scare mongering. After death you'll experience what you expect, be it bliss, be it dread. It's your choice.

Don't read / listen to those who scare you!
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