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"Don't go into the Light" and Scared of Death..


I haven't posted before, despite joining a while ago.

My mum died at the end of November and like all my other family members who have died over the years (Some very close ones too), I have never had any signs from them that they are still around.

I am very scared about death and what comes after and this has been playing on my mind, especially because I have had no signs of an afterlife from my passed over family members and I really worry that either something bad happens or we get recycled and our souls get trapped or something. I also read this article today called 'Death and the Tunnel of Light: The Final Grand Trick', which says that you should never go into the light because it is a trap (I can't post a link to the article because I haven't made enough posts yet, but it is a 'Wake up World' article) and this didn't help allay my fears in the slightest, as we are always told to go into the light when we die.

So, I am very scared of death, but mainly what comes after, not quite so much the death itself, unless it's particularly horrible of course!
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