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Originally Posted by SaturninePluto
Well, what is this then?

Are these really the only two choices I have?
What if I would like to cease permanently to exist?
What if what I want to happen when I die is that I die, my family plans the arrangements for burial, they grieve if they wish or can, and then they promptly move on, with myself having witnessed none of this because I am no longer within consciousness?

What if that is what I would like to happen in the afterlife? Nothing.

Ceasing to exist. No reincarnation (my God what is the point?), no heaven, no Hell. Just nothing.

Why is that bad?

Is there any religious or philosophical belief system that even allows for this?

Why are you giving me two choices?

Whom are you to determine what it is that happens to us after we pass?
Do I not have another choice but heaven or earthbound? How is earthbound any good? In fact how is heaven any good? Live a life and die to continue to live? For what? For whom? Just whom is holding the reigns here?

God is love. For the sake of love? It doesn't make sense. I am quite capable of having love right here, right now, just look it is all around us. Sometimes we simply get caught up in our own dilemmas and we miss it.

Dictated by whom, and why?

Two choices.

And what of all the countless others?

Yes, what is it? And what about the others?

None of us, as far as I know, ever asked to be put upon this earth. So having to suffer or pass through those ordeals so loved by those professing to expound upon a thing and its promises (God/Love) could also ask themselves what, in the end, is the point. To add to the confusion, that thing there is a crocodile and this thing here is a human. Both of them are absolutely astounding things so why have I been chosen to be able to read the Bible - or whatever? How come I've been chosen not to be a crocodile'

In fact I think being in 'heaven' as promised, would be a great, great bore, Adam in his garden obviously thought the same thing. However I'm not too pesimistic about dying and being faced with a choice (or not). If there is nothing then I won't know. If there is something then it'll solve the problem of me not being a crocodile.
One thing I do know - I don't want to be one of those meek ones on Earth. I've other interests. As far as I can see Hinduism offers the best choice for me, being the boss of a sun would suit me down to the ground - especially if there is a chance of promotion to take over a galaxy.Where, I have to say, I'd quickly act and ban all the boring old church music we have to put up with down here.

You are right. It can only work if we have freedom of choice after death - or at least the chance to get our feet on the pathway which leads to our own development - the one of our own choice I mean.

Life is an impossible thing. Being in it just to learn to love isn't feasible. Such a problem could be dealt with in other ways, we don't need to be faced with atrocities, fires, floods and so on to want other things.

Let's keep our fingers crossed!
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